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Welcome To Ananta Riverhills

with family intentions Ananta River Hill who want the resort to become an important tourist attraction in Kanchanaburi and have Kanchanaburi accommodation Waiting to support both domestic and foreign tourists. who keep passing on new experiences, love, warmth, fun, laughter amid the lake In the heart of the valley on the Srinakarin Dam which is a natural source of fresh air to recharge the body and return to work fully

The team and family Ananta River Hill Therefore, I wish everyone to have a great experience that we give from the heart. and hope that Tha will come back to visit us again Every year and forever

Ananta Riverhills Owner

Relax with the river and mountains at Ananta River Hills Resort, a resort near the Srinarin Dam.

If you want to heal your body to get rid of tiredness It is recommended to visit Ananta River Hills Resort because this Ananta River Hills resort in Kanchanaburi is a resort full of natural comfort from the mountains. along with the cool turquoise from the water which will truly help create freshness and delight for you and your loved ones But if anyone still can’t think of the atmosphere of Srinakarin Dam or Ananta River Hills Resort, you need to read on urgently. Because we will reveal the beauty of every season at Srinakarin Dam and Ananta River Hills Resort like never seen before.

Beautiful in all 3 seasons at Ananta River Hills Resort

I believe that many people should have traveled to Kanchanaburi for some time. But if you haven’t visited ‘Ananta River Hills Resort’ is like missing the important highlight of Kanchanaburi unfortunately. Therefore, the next trip if there is time. Recommended to come and relax your heart and enjoy the natural atmosphere at Ananta River Hills Resort Let’s continue together. Beautiful accommodation like this Ananta River Hills Resort will always be beautiful and refreshing in any season. More importantly, the atmosphere of each moment has its own unique charm and uniqueness.

mist drifting in winter

As winter approaches, Ananta River Hills Resort transforms from warm and humid rainy weather to cool mist that will make you not want to get out of bed. More importantly, every morning you wake up will feel like you’re in the midst of a misty sea. Because in the morning, mist often rises from the water that covers the area. can see a good view like this from your room at Ananta River Hills Resort. According to the information from the National Park Service, it said that That winter at Srinakarin Dam Including at Ananta River Hills resort, the temperature will drop to only 8 degrees, which allows you to experience the cold weather without having to go to the top of the mountain. You can also enjoy the water that originates from the forest upstream of the Khwae Yai River above the Srinakarin Dam. Which is clear, cool, turquoise water as if in the midst of the Maldives sea as well Who likes to drink coffee, I recommend it. Sit and enjoy the mist and cool air in the morning. Along with dripping hot coffee while ensuring that you will definitely forget the tiredness from work.

The embrace of the mountains and mist in the rainy season

Who would have thought that this close to Bangkok would have such a beautiful atmosphere? A lush green place filled with fog for us to see each other in the rainy season. as the saying goes ‘Explore the rainy season’ because you will experience the atmosphere of the Green Season only during this period. Ananta River Hills Resort during the rainy season will delight you with the warmth and softness of nature. Importantly, if you visit Ananta River Hills Resort You don’t have to wait until winter to see the light, fluffy mist. because even in the rainy season The Srinakarin Dam zone, which includes Ananta River Hills Resort, often has condensation fog after the rain has stopped. The rain will begin to fall lightly. Since March and the real rainy season from May to September, most importantly, during the rainy season, forests and mountains will receive water to support life. Therefore making the trees and grass colorful and very suitable for taking pictures You can also see the vast water view from the room at Ananta River Hills Resort without having to go out.

Enjoy water activities in the summer.

How can you not be satisfied because Ananta River Hills Resort is a resort in the middle of the water located on the edge of the Srinakarin Dam? tired of hot weather and pollution from the city Want to escape to find peace and coolness I recommend it to friends. Come visit Ananta River Hills Resort in summer. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about hot weather. Because if you don’t want to go out You can enjoy activities that refresh your heart in Ananta River Hills Resort like swimming. kayaking wet rafting Or you can focus on having fun with the trampoline water park as well. For those who come with families and have children, at Ananta River Hills Resort there is a children’s water park to play until forgetting the time. For those who like to take pictures, they can indulge and wait to take photos with the atmosphere of the sunrise and sunset. Because during the summer At Srinakarin Dam and Ananta River Hills Resort, there will be very clear skies and weather. Most importantly, the sunset is almost 7pm, giving you time to enjoy the most romantic atmosphere from the complex mountains along with the blue water directly from the room view of Ananta River Hills Resort.

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Jet Ski

wring out for air Admire the view of Srinakarin Dam with a jet ski that we have to serve you.


Admire the atmosphere around the resort with a canoe.

The different beauty of all 3 seasons makes Ananta River Hills Resort become a destination for travelers who want a warm hug from nature. Whether it’s a view of the mountains, large and small, bright green overlapping reflected on the blue water. Along with the image that will take your breath away like the golden light of the morning. A view where the sun is setting and falling into the water in the evening. Mist and cold mist spread over the water during rainy season or winter. Nature has created good memories. About the city of Kanchanaburi to fascinate many people. These beauties are not just imagination. But you can experience it yourself at Ananta River Hills Resort, a resort nestled in nature at the edge of the Srinakarin Dam.

Raft wet highlight of Ananta

Have fun with wet rafts that is the highlight of Ananta River Hills laughter and impression

Discover The Tropical Rainforest

complete the elements of relaxation Whether it's mountains, trees, water that help relax and detox the stress from the body.

water player delight

A water park that can create fun for children. Refreshing with the water that creates laughter to the fullest.

Chill Out Ananta Restaurant

sit and enjoy the atmosphere Fresh air, listening to the wind and sipping softly with a drink that Ananta is waiting to serve you.

Canoe Dive

Canoeing around, looking at the water, mountains, sky, easy on the eyes, comfortable.

Ananta Kitchen

Ananta Kitchen that comes with delicious food ready to serve you