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Ananta River Hills Resort Kanchanaburi

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With a resort size of up to 20 rai on the hillside and water. in Si Sawat District Make at Ananta River Hills Resort There are up to 300 rooms available to accommodate a large number of customers, whether solo travelers wanting to visit nature in Kanchanaburi, couples dating, honeymooners after marriage.

, Small family, father-mother-son, medium-sized family large family Ananta River Hills Resort can handle it.

Including the group of companies catering seminar Outing outside the way Ananta River Hills is ready to serve you appropriately

design from experience

As our resort is Open water rafts have been open for more than 10 years, so we have a lot of experience in take care of guests

understand that everyone What kind of facilities do you want? to make your trip Feel worth staying